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Answering Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Divine Nature Birth Services and the birthing process. I am here to give you the answers you need to all of your questions and concerns. If you still have something you’d like to know, feel free to contact me for more details. I want you to ensure you get all the information you need.

What are the benefits of childbirth education?

Research has shown that women who take childbirth preparation classes have a more positive birth experience even if they do NOT have their ideal birth experience.  In other words, when they were presented with a situation where their birth plan needed to change, because they had taken a class that educated them on their options they were able to stay in the conversation and make the final decision themselves instead of "going with the flow." Being able to make their own decisions left them with a more positive view of their birth experience, despite it not being their dream birth.

What is "Evidence Based Research?"

Evidence based research is high quality research that provides the reader with adequate information to be able to make a basic risk/benefit assessment on a given topic.  Research is one of the driving forces behind policy and practice changes, but sometimes the changes can't keep up with the latest research.  Doula's do!  We can provide you with the latest research so you can ensure you are making choices that are supported by science.

What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical labor support professional.  The term doula has Greek origins and means "woman servant." We provide informational support, supplying you with the research you need to make informed decisions about your care.  We provide emotional support, this time brings a lot of changes and a LOT of hormones-we get it!  We also provide physical support, labor has been compared to marathons and they aren't wrong-it can be quite the work out for both the laborer and the labor support!

Does a doula replace nursing staff?

Not at all!  We work together as part of your support team.  Doulas are non medical professionals, we support you emotionally, physically, and through education. We do NOT perform any medical procedures, but we ARE with you from beginning to end. We act as the bridge between the family and the medical staff, explaining terms, and providing that continuity of care.  Nurses are amazing, let's be honest...nothing replaces a good nurse!

Does a doula replace my partner?

Definitely NOT!  Your partner knows you best (after yourself, of course!), they know what you like and what you don't, they are a source of strength and comfort.  However, they may not be as experienced in labor.  If they are, they are still emotionally invested in you and the labor (for good reason) and that can make even the most experienced support a little nervous.  A doula is able to stay objective and help maintain the calm that aids in a smooth labor.  She knows what's normal and whats not.  She is there for the partner as much as she is for Mom.  For long labors it's also nice for partners and doulas to be able to trade off with one another, taking breaks while the Mom is still being supported.  We are a team-all of us!

Do you offer lactation support?

I do!  I have successfully breastfed my own children for a combined 6 years.  I stay after the baby is born to assist with getting baby latched on and am always available for whatever breastfeeding questions you may have.  I am currently working on a course to further my lactation support education as I strongly believe in the importance of breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding can be quite challenging as it is something new to at least one member of the duo, if not both (first time moms), but with the right support the majority of women can successfully breastfeed!

Do you offer postpartum support?

Absolutely!  I stay for usually the first two hours after birth, at least.  Sometimes depending on how things are going I stay longer.  I continue to check in the first couple weeks via phone or message.  About one week after the baby is born I will also visit the family to make sure everybody is settling in okay and adjusting to the changes.  I'm also a big advocate for supporting Mom's through the postpartum period to help lower the risk of Postpartum Mood Disorders, so I check to make sure Mom is getting adequate care and pampering while she recovers from birth.

What are the benefits of a doula?

Research has shown that having a doula on your support team can lower the risk of Cesarean up to 39%, increase the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal delivery by 15%, a 10% decrease in the use of pain medications, shorter labors, babies with higher APGAR scores (wellness assessment), and had higher overall satisfaction with their birth experiences.  You can read more here:

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